Thursday, August 29, 2013

Is it Serendipity? Catch Sebastio Salgado’s New Photographic Series “Genesis” this Long Weekend!

 Image Capture*: Tropical Island Jungle. Photo by Sebastiao Salgado
“Sebastiao Salgado turns his camera on threatened people and places in his newly released photographic series ‘Genesis.’”
~ The Globe and Mail

If you’re near Toronto and are looking for something to do this Labour Day holiday long weekend, checkout “Genesis” by Sebastiao Salgado—no affiliation with Genesis Eco Fund other than the fact that we’re in love with these photos! If you contemplate the images and the artist’s words, you can clearly see why.

Genesis Eco Fund is also about capturing what is pristine in the world, in a slightly different way.

Pristine nature “out there” around the planet might seem under threat and our technologically advanced civilization “in here,” may seem adaptable and resilient. The reality is the reverse.

Nature has no remorse; no attachments. Nature wiped out the dinosaurs; has levelled entire continents; and she will not hesitate to extinguish us, either.  To nature, we’re just a part of her body. Our own bodies have immune systems; why shouldn’t the planet?

Genesis Eco Fund is focused on bringing the pristine nature out there, in here: not just into our “technologically frenzied” lives, but our collective consciousness: our homes, schools, workplaces, etc.   

See if the artist’s own images and words help explain the essence of what “Genesis” means…

Image Capture*: Zebras at the Watering Hole. Photo by Sebastiao Salgado

“I became so close to the environment that my next project, the only thing possible for me to do was to photograph what was pure, what’s pristine on this planet in order that people who look at my pictures understand what was living in this moment…”
~ Sebastiao Salgado*

Image Capture*: Arctic Scene with Innuit. Photo by Sebastiao Salgado

“…we conceived Genesis as a project to see what was pristine in the planet, and that is the path of the planet and in that sense we must protect and hold it.”
~ Sebastiao Salgado*

Image Capture*: A Melting Iceberg & Ice “Keep”. Photo by Sebastiao Salgado
“In GENESIS, my camera allowed nature to speak to me. And it was my privilege to listen.”
~ Sebastiao Salgado

Watch the short film & slideshow online at the Globe & Mail and catch “Genesis” at the Royal Ontario Museum from May 4th to September 2nd, 2013 (meaning this Labour Day long weekend is your last chance to see it).

For more information and to view and extended slideshow and find out how you can OWN Salgado’s vision of Genesis, visit TASCHEN.

* Images and Quotes Captured from Globe & Mail Video Filmed by Moe Doiren & Edited by Patrick Dell 

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