Thursday, October 30, 2014

Can Plants Think, Talk, Read your Mind?
Evidence for Plant Consciousness Mounts

Image: Still Frame from “Little Shop of Horrors” 

“I just come and talk to the plants, really – very important to talk to them. They respond.”
~ Prince Charles

The Prince of Wales took some flak from his critics for that comment back in 1986. When asked again recently if he still spoke to planets, joked in a self-deprecating way, “No, now I instruct them instead.”   

But how strange, really, is the notion that plants are sentient beings capable of awareness and interaction which is more akin to its higher-order cousins (animals and humans)?

There is mounting evidence that plants have such capacities—albeit in rudimentary forms. We won’t spend time recounting the same info, we’ll give you links and you can read it for yourself.

From The Economist article on the question to The Epoch Times blog(s) on the subject, and many other sources online in between, a growing debate on the question of plant sentience among “serious” scientists is reason enough to stand up and take notice. 

The challenge materialist scientists face is not so much proving or disproving the phenomenon exists; but rather, explaining how/why it should exist. Materialist science has this challenge precisely due to its own limits: materialism.

The fact that plants have no brain or central nervous system puts “serious scientists” into a bit of a quandary. Yes, they can come up with alternative theories, chemical processes and point to alternative bio-electrical pathways in plants. But that’s precisely the point: they assume that the brain and central nervous system (or corollary bio-chemical-electric network in plants) is the origin of consciousness.

Pardon the analogy, but this is like saying the Internet produces what it outputs.

A reasonable person observing only the Internet in isolation—that is, the technology alone—could easily come to such a conclusion. Electrical signals whizzing about this vast network of interconnected nodes. It’s obvious, is it not? The Internet is sentient in and of itself and reacts to the events of the world around it via technology. This is what is commonly referred to as the ghost in the machine.

Image: “Ghost in the Machine” 

But those who know the truth about the Internet know that remove humans from the situation and what you get is a big, hulking mass of cables, circuit boards, screens and keyboards…dead tech.

The activity is dependent on CONSCIOUSNESS.  In this case, the consciousness of the humanity who designed, built and use the technology. Even if that consciousness is mostly bottled-up inside ego (cravings for and aversions to all manner of conceivable and inconceivable things reaching into the highest heights of conscious human awareness to the darkest depths of subconscious desire and depravity).

Sure your iPhone6 will give the appearance of sentience. Complete with a name (Siri) and lots of autonomous activity. But without an operator, it’s just a fancy little box with blinky lights and nifty sounds. That complex device was designed and constructed according to a template, and is an expression of the human mind.

Working backwards, then, how is the human brain any different than the iPhone6 or the Internet? We can observe lots of activity, and we can see it accept inputs and produce outputs. Thanks to EEG, MRI and other imaging technology we can see it very active during thinking, dreaming, meditation, etc. But is this evidence that it is the origin of it all?

If you sent a “bot” into the Internet which was incapable of detecting anything but its own nature—digital technology—it would be completely blind to the biological organisms that are truly behind and at the heart of the Internet, yes? It could explore the whole of the Internet as part of the digital paradigm and be completely blind to the underlying biological creators of the Network, despite the “signature” of those strange biological creatures all over the place…the digital representation of them.

Likewise, if one identifies solely with the material paradigm and “reason” (which is the intellectual paradigm on which artificial intelligence is based), one becomes blind to the underlying paradigm on which physical reality is based.

That underlying paradigm is energy and consciousness. Now, even physics (quantum mechanics in particular) recognizes that matter as such doesn’t exist. The fact that the observer effect has direct consequences on certain quantum experiments is reason enough to begin questioning the underlying “metaparadigm” of materialist science…the unquestioned underlying assumption that the physical universe is primary.

This question is explored in the excellent talk by Peter Russell called The Primacy of Consciousness.

Video: The Primacy of Consciousness - Peter Russell - Full Version
Source: YouTube:

The erroneous assumptions established by the metaparadigm of material science (that the material universe is primary and all phenomena stem from the foundation of the material) lock science into the problems of the scientific method: of concocting elaborate theories and then hunting for physical explanations which support said theories. As if material evidence is the only—and ultimate—arbiter of what is real and what is not.

Still, there is no reasonable scientific, economic, physical explanation for altruism and love…self-sacrifice, for instance. The many values we hold most dear fly in the face of all manner of logical argument, when reduced to that most “ultimate” arbiter…materialism. Materialism and love are incompatible, fundamentally, and so science simply ignores the latter in favour of its foundational metaparadigm.

Why? Were the metaparadigm proven—somehow—to be incorrect, the very foundations of the scientific community would be shaken, and much of what we hold true today would simply collapse like a deck of cards.

And that day is coming.

The real question we should be asking is this: what sense does it make to construct a universe where consciousness is an emergent phenomenon reserved for certain beings but not others? Does it not make more sense to design a universe on a common platform using a similar paradigm at all levels? Just as we constructed the Internet?

So here the atheists chime in with their evolution versus creationism argument. Sorry, it doesn’t hold up in this case.

Evolution is a theory, and while it is true that organisms change over time, no one has ever witnessed the birth of a new organism by means of natural selection. But all that aside, there’s an even greater reason why it doesn’t hold up in this case.

In the context of the present discussion, all life is bound by the same fundamental matrix with DNA at its very biological heart. Be it single-celled organisms to multi-cellular organisms to multi-individual super-organisms (ecosystems) to the planet itself, life follows repeating shapes and patterns at all levels. This happens on the physical as well as metaphysical planes. Truth be told, biology’s definition of “life as we know it” is far too narrow.

The sooner materialist science recognizes this, the sooner scientists will not only talk to plants, they will LISTEN. And REAL science can “emerge”…and the REAL magic can begin.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Scientist Agrees: Exploration is Key to Knowing Ourselves

Image Collage by Genesis: Temple of Apollo in Delphi; Earth Rise
“Man know thyself and thus thou shall know the universe and the gods.”
~ Engraved on the Entrance to the Temple of Apollo, in Delphi, Ancient Greece
If ever there was an impassioned, mainstream, contemporary SECULAR plea in harmony with the voices of great philosophers whispering to us from the annals of Ancient times, Neil deGrasse Tyson makes it in the following video about the effects of the Apollo space mission on the American psyche and the corollary effects of NASA budget cuts since the pinnacle of NASA’s achievement: the lunar landings.

Video: We Stopped Dreaming (Episode 2) - A New Perspective

Is it coincidence or serendipity that this most influential, world-changing, consciousness-awakening event was named after the same Greek god, Apollo, who’s Temple in Delphi, Greece proclaims Homo nosce te ipsum… “Man know thyself and thou shall know the universe and the gods.”

In the contemporary manifestation of Apollo, the corollary seems to have been true: man know a bit of the heavens, and you will know yourself a bit better.

Tyson’s list of emergent entities following the Apollo missions is telling. They also spawned a huge pop-culture swing toward “science-based” science fiction. Star Trek and 2001: A Space Odyssey are probably the best examples. Star Trek would go on to have a huge influence on the development of many of the technologies we take for granted today.

Image Collage: “Make it So! A Handful of Innovations attributable to Star Trek

Mr. Tyson has no illusions about why we went to the moon in the first place. Here he outlines how it was the climate of the Cold War, the threat of the Russians putting ballistic missiles in orbit or on the surface of the moon that put fire under the seats of power of U.S. leaders.

Video: Neil deGrasse Tyson - We Stopped Dreaming (Episode 1)

However, if Mr. Tyson believes this was the ONLY “perceived threat” and the ONLY “pretext” for the Apollo mission, well, he has ignored the not-so-mainstream narrative which really began in Roswell, New Mexico in the summer of 1947.

Whether you believe in the UFOs phenomenon or not, it makes just as much sense to us that a paranoid government launching an aggressive space program fearing space superiority by  a foreign power, would be just as likely to consider the possibility of extra-terrestrial threats in its strategy.

Of course, once they discovered that extra-terrestrials pose no threat whatsoever, and that that the existential threat from a Russian space program was non-existent, NASA’s mission switched to one of payload delivery (of military, weather and communications satellites)…and the space shuttle program was born: the first reusable manned spacecraft. Most recently, the top-secret X-37B space drone, also known as the Orbital Test Vehicle, landed at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California after almost two years in orbit.
“Just what the plane was doing has been the subject of sometimes spectacular speculation. Several experts have theorized it carried a payload of spy gear in its cargo bay.”
Source: MailOnline
Image: Space Shuttle & X-37B: Different Spacecraft for Different Approaches to Orbital Space Missions 

Exploration of the Consciousness

As passionate and admirable as Mr. Tyson’s plea is—to embrace the spirit of science, exploration, and the deeply-rooted longing for all beings to know themselves in the most fundamental and profound way—he  is missing a piece of the puzzle.

The reason that NASA’s budget was cut so radically because of the costs and limitations of physical human space travel. Certainly, it is conceivable that with a big enough budget we could develop the technologies to allow us to travel to the furthest reaches of the solar system. But beyond that?

Even at the speed of light, interstellar space travel is simply not practical, bound by the laws of physics. Besides, didn’t all the organizations spawned by the Apollo missions illuminate us as to how we don’t yet have our own house in order?

Do we really think the intergalactic fraternity is going to welcome with open arms a humanity which is as degenerated and barbaric as ours? Preoccupied with such frivolous obsessions as material fortune, fame, power, accolades, legacies, sexual exploits? 

Let us not forget the most important idea Star Trek gave humanity:
“…the Prime Directive is the guiding principle of the United Federation of Planets. The Prime Directive, used in four out of five Star Trek-based series, prohibits Starfleet personnel from interfering with the internal development of alien civilizations.”

Specifically, the Prime Directive forbids open contact with pre-warp humanities. Planets which have not yet developed dimensional travel, and cannot exceed the speed of light, are not ready to join the intergalactic fraternity of humanities.

We are not ready. And, we won’t be ready so long as our space program is motivated by fear, military interests, economic interests, or any other ego-based considerations…no matter how much money we throw at it.

In other words, to know the heavens, we must first know ourselves. Yes, the Greeks were right. But take heart! The best news is that if one does educate oneself on the true science (non-materialist science) of the consciousness, one can travel anywhere in the universe.

Awakened consciousness and the development of the subtle vehicles of the human being—the solar vital, astral, mental and causal bodies—allows one to escape the limits of physical plane and travel and explore the fourth, fifth, sixth dimension and beyond. Awakened consciousness is a passport to the interior worlds, allowing us to visit any place in the universe; or any place on earth for that matter.

Image: Astral Travel 

Ecosystems can help us awaken.

Developing a conscious relationship with nature’s highest physical expression, we cross over to nature’s non-physical foundation. We can begin exploring our oneness with the harmony of the ecosystem, and recognize the illusion of the ego, of physical reality, and the total waste of time, energy, effort, and consciousness which the ego is—and all our material pursuits are.

Through meditation and other practices of pure science—conscious science, not limited by materialist scientific dogma—each individual can become an intrepid explorer for themselves…of themselves…of the “heavens” and yes, know the “gods,” beginning with their own Innermost Highest Self. The True Self.

And the best part is? An ecosystem may set you back some cash, it’s true. But nowhere near as much as a vain attempt at a materialist scientific space program. And, truth be told, if you don’t have the funds for an indoor ecosystem; you can spend time in nature and do it on the cheap.

To be a traveler, explorer, and true scientist of our multi-dimensional universe, COSTS NO MONEY AT ALL. Just time, patience, diligence, and effort.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

If at first you don’t Suck-Seed, MODIFY THE CHILDREN
The GMO Industry’s “Next Generation” Propaganda

Video: Bill Nye Sells a Whole New Generation on GMO’s
“If you set aside for a moment from the usual debate about whether GMOs are bad or good, a curious fact emerges. For a rich and powerful [industry] that seems to excel at nearly everything it does, [GMO companies] suck in one important aspect: spin control.”
Clearly, the GMO industry has a PR problem. A growing number of people are expressing real concerns about the safety of “frankenfoods,” not just in terms of health, but also the environment.

Genetically engineered organisms are NEW SPECIES, unlike anything the world has seen before. And let’s face it: we human beings are caught between two insanely irrational psychological bents…
  • FEAR ANYTHING’S THAT’S NEW on the one hand, and

With GMO’s there are real concerns. These concerns have been well documented and voiced by many groups and individuals—including prominent scientists, biologists, bio-ethicists, and geneticists—David Suzuki among them.

So while the GMO industry keeps advancing, pushed by soaring profits (and they would say “the global demands on industrial agricultural food production”), they are feeling the pinch in terms of public opinion. Not only are GMO’s banned in many countries, the demand for GMO labelling of food products is gaining ground in many jurisdictions. 

“What to do!? Never fear! Bill Nye is on the case! (Suck our GE eggs, Suzuki!)” – GMO lobby.

When you’re losing battle on one front—consumer population and regulators—why not launch a flanking maneuver on a whole new WEAKER FRONT? “If we can’t convince THIS generation of the safety and reliability of GE organisms, why not get at the NEXT generation, while they’re still vulnerable?”

Psychologically Modified Offspring (PMO’s)

Children are na├»ve and impressionable, right? Kids will believe practically anything they’re told by authority figures, teachers, and the people who they watch all the time…personalities TV they admire, find smart and amusing, look up to and like to watch. TV personalities like BILL NYE.

But hold on! There’s a catch. Children have been growing up WAY TOO FAST in recent years. The double-edged sword of this is while they make for ravenous consumers and impressive “influencers” for adult purchases (expert naggers), they also are much better informed on issues than ever before! 

Video: Rachel Parent proves children are not so gullible

So, it’s not enough for Bill Nye to come out with gloves swinging outright against the fear-mongering camp. He can’t just come right out all “rah-rah” for the GMO lobby. It has to be MORE SUBTLE. After all, their kids…the industry has YEARS to propagate subtle, suggestive hints buried in superficially “balanced” reporting on the science and safety of GMO. 

Consider the opening video to today’s article. Nye begins by expounding on how we’ve been tinkering with agriculture for centuries, and why agricultural organisms are not really “natural” anyway.

At 3:35, thrusting a pair of papayas toward the camera like a prize fighter, he asks, “Is it GOOD versus EVIL? Or is it another step in the march of industrial agricultural progress?

Again, this rhetorical question implies that the whole GE issue is NOT really an issue at all! There’s no “right or wrong” here, there’s just the inevitable step forward in human progress.

This is followed by the classic argument for GMO’s (that the farmers of GMO crops don’t have to use as much pesticide, and their crops are practically chemical free). This turns out to be flat-out WRONG. (Sorry, papaya-man). 

A study by Food & Water Watch found that the promise of less herbicide use has not come to fruition. Based on USDA and EPA data, the study echoed the findings of a similar study by Washington State University conducted by Professor Charles Benbrook.

Image: Increase in herbicide use since introduction of GMO crops.

According to these studies, the problem appears to be the emergence of “superweeds,” which appear with repeated application of a pesticide which selects for chemical-resistant weeds. To what end?

“This has meant huge profits for agribusinesses developing and selling genetically engineered seeds, herbicides and pesticides.  Seed revenues have septupled (increased seven fold) since 1998.”

Quote & Image: Revenues from GE Seed Grows like Weeds.

Ah-ha. Now we see the sparkle in “Nye’s Eye.”

Keep in mind that Bill Nye is AN EXPERT at communicating to children. He does it for a living. He is wildly popular in his ability to explain complex scientific concepts to young kids. He’s wacky, zany, loveable, charming…the makings of a very powerful influencer.

This is propaganda on a very large yet very subtle and seemingly “harmless” scale. There may be some of you saying, “C’mon! This is the least of our worries! What with ISIL, EBOLA, the economy, THE RUSSIANS!”

Well, just remember how the illusionist is able to perform his tricks right before our eyes without us knowing it.

If you care about your children and their future, and want to expose them to science programming on the TV, you’ll turn off Bill Nye and let your children watch David Suzuki instead. Too bad our American Neighbours to the south don’t have that alternative.