Tuesday, October 14, 2014

If at first you don’t Suck-Seed, MODIFY THE CHILDREN
The GMO Industry’s “Next Generation” Propaganda

Video: Bill Nye Sells a Whole New Generation on GMO’s
“If you set aside for a moment from the usual debate about whether GMOs are bad or good, a curious fact emerges. For a rich and powerful [industry] that seems to excel at nearly everything it does, [GMO companies] suck in one important aspect: spin control.”
Clearly, the GMO industry has a PR problem. A growing number of people are expressing real concerns about the safety of “frankenfoods,” not just in terms of health, but also the environment.

Genetically engineered organisms are NEW SPECIES, unlike anything the world has seen before. And let’s face it: we human beings are caught between two insanely irrational psychological bents…
  • FEAR ANYTHING’S THAT’S NEW on the one hand, and

With GMO’s there are real concerns. These concerns have been well documented and voiced by many groups and individuals—including prominent scientists, biologists, bio-ethicists, and geneticists—David Suzuki among them.

So while the GMO industry keeps advancing, pushed by soaring profits (and they would say “the global demands on industrial agricultural food production”), they are feeling the pinch in terms of public opinion. Not only are GMO’s banned in many countries, the demand for GMO labelling of food products is gaining ground in many jurisdictions. 

“What to do!? Never fear! Bill Nye is on the case! (Suck our GE eggs, Suzuki!)” – GMO lobby.

When you’re losing battle on one front—consumer population and regulators—why not launch a flanking maneuver on a whole new WEAKER FRONT? “If we can’t convince THIS generation of the safety and reliability of GE organisms, why not get at the NEXT generation, while they’re still vulnerable?”

Psychologically Modified Offspring (PMO’s)

Children are naïve and impressionable, right? Kids will believe practically anything they’re told by authority figures, teachers, and the people who they watch all the time…personalities TV they admire, find smart and amusing, look up to and like to watch. TV personalities like BILL NYE.

But hold on! There’s a catch. Children have been growing up WAY TOO FAST in recent years. The double-edged sword of this is while they make for ravenous consumers and impressive “influencers” for adult purchases (expert naggers), they also are much better informed on issues than ever before! 

Video: Rachel Parent proves children are not so gullible

So, it’s not enough for Bill Nye to come out with gloves swinging outright against the fear-mongering camp. He can’t just come right out all “rah-rah” for the GMO lobby. It has to be MORE SUBTLE. After all, their kids…the industry has YEARS to propagate subtle, suggestive hints buried in superficially “balanced” reporting on the science and safety of GMO. 

Consider the opening video to today’s article. Nye begins by expounding on how we’ve been tinkering with agriculture for centuries, and why agricultural organisms are not really “natural” anyway.

At 3:35, thrusting a pair of papayas toward the camera like a prize fighter, he asks, “Is it GOOD versus EVIL? Or is it another step in the march of industrial agricultural progress?

Again, this rhetorical question implies that the whole GE issue is NOT really an issue at all! There’s no “right or wrong” here, there’s just the inevitable step forward in human progress.

This is followed by the classic argument for GMO’s (that the farmers of GMO crops don’t have to use as much pesticide, and their crops are practically chemical free). This turns out to be flat-out WRONG. (Sorry, papaya-man). 

A study by Food & Water Watch found that the promise of less herbicide use has not come to fruition. Based on USDA and EPA data, the study echoed the findings of a similar study by Washington State University conducted by Professor Charles Benbrook.

Image: Increase in herbicide use since introduction of GMO crops.

According to these studies, the problem appears to be the emergence of “superweeds,” which appear with repeated application of a pesticide which selects for chemical-resistant weeds. To what end?

“This has meant huge profits for agribusinesses developing and selling genetically engineered seeds, herbicides and pesticides.  Seed revenues have septupled (increased seven fold) since 1998.”

Quote & Image: Revenues from GE Seed Grows like Weeds.

Ah-ha. Now we see the sparkle in “Nye’s Eye.”

Keep in mind that Bill Nye is AN EXPERT at communicating to children. He does it for a living. He is wildly popular in his ability to explain complex scientific concepts to young kids. He’s wacky, zany, loveable, charming…the makings of a very powerful influencer.

This is propaganda on a very large yet very subtle and seemingly “harmless” scale. There may be some of you saying, “C’mon! This is the least of our worries! What with ISIL, EBOLA, the economy, THE RUSSIANS!”

Well, just remember how the illusionist is able to perform his tricks right before our eyes without us knowing it.

If you care about your children and their future, and want to expose them to science programming on the TV, you’ll turn off Bill Nye and let your children watch David Suzuki instead. Too bad our American Neighbours to the south don’t have that alternative.

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