Thursday, November 21, 2013

“Imagine if Every Office Had an Ecosystem”
Wellness Professional Shares Her Thoughts on the Benefits of Ecosystems

Image: Ecosystem with Monkey Orchid

Genesis Eco Fund’s mandate to educate the public on the benefits of ecosystems is both rewarding and at times quite easy. It’s really quite amazing to witness people’s response to the ecosystem and watch as they “get it”—that is, they begin to feel the positive effects the ecosystem is having on them.

Today a friend, Lana, stopped by to see the ecosystem currently on display at 401 Richmond Street (it will be moving to 401 Bay Street and available for viewing from December 1st).

Lana works at Source Centre, “Downtown Toronto's Holistic Health and Wellness Centre” - Among various administrative duties, Lana is also an accomplished Reiki practitioner.

Upon seeing the ecosystem in person for the first time today, Lana’s initial reaction was to note how small it was. Typically, when you tell people about rainforest ecosystems, their minds conjure up images of South American jungles.

It only took a moment to point out, “the ecosystem you’re looking at is one of our smaller units; they can be scaled up to any size.”

Next she was struck by the variety of plants and how noticeably different they were from what you’d typically find in an office environment. Some of the unique roots structures and colourful flowers aside, the carnivorous flowering plants, orchids and moss clearly were clear indications of something special.

Not only was the variety of plants different, they seemed much lusher, showing greater vitality than any potted plant. Here we got into a discussion around the energy of ecosystems.

“Yeah, I can really feel how it changes the energy of the space,” Lana said. A few moments later, she added: “can you imagine if every office had an ecosystem?”

Yes, we certainly can. And with that, we discussed briefly the benefits to companies, organizations, governments, schools and society as a whole were people to be able to experience such beautiful, fresh air and soothing, relaxing vibes throughout the day.

How might working in a healing space change our perspective on the work we do, the people we work with, and the challenges we face? What sorts of new inspiration might we experience?

Genesis Eco Fund intends to explore these questions and more; documenting results and sharing the stories of all those who, like Lana, experience the benefits of ecosystems—even if only for a moment.

And, for those who really need to experience the benefits ecosystems can provide but cannot afford one, Genesis Eco Fund is determined to help them through fundraising efforts so they too can enjoy the benefits that only nature in her highest expression can provide.

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