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The Voracious Economics of Chemtrails, GEO Engineering & Global Climate Manipulation

Video: "Why in the World are They Spraying?" Official Trailer 
Source: YouTube video by Truthmediaproduction 

“The Filmmakers are encouraging everyone who purchases a DVD
to make copies and hand them out for free.”

As luck would have it, we have come across a film, Why in the World are They Spraying? —official trailer, above—which warrants an update to the previous blog we wrote on the subject back in March, The Mad Science of Chemtrails, GEO Engineering & Global Climate Experimentation.

In our article, we described in general what chemtrails and geo engineering are, and explored why we considered this global experiment to be, quite frankly, an exercise in insanity (in keeping with this humanity’s history of ignoring Murphy’s Law and creating disasters of all shapes and sizes).

As it turns out, Why in the World are They Spraying is likewise an update to a previous film, What in the World are They Spraying? 

Without revealing any spoilers, it’s not outrageous to arrive at the simple conclusion that geo-engineering via chemtrails and/or other means is climate manipulation for the sake of basic economic and geo-political gain.

The same old game: Money and Power.

Cartoon: Democratic Power Trumped by Economic Power  By David Fitzsimmons, Arizona Daily Star, Cagle Cartoons  
Source: mediagallery.usatoday.com: David Fitzsimmons cartoons

We chose the above cartoon for the obvious reason that in this particular case, power falls from the sky. The premise is quite simple, really: if you control the weather, you control the planet.

Now, Genesis Eco Fund is no place to discuss what are dismissed as “conspiracy theories.” It’s a simple statement of fact. Whoever manages to control the world’s weather can, in fact, enact such power over the fate of nations and their peoples, that they will effectively control the world.


If, in our last blog on the subject, we emphasized Murphy’s Law and the Achilles heel of our irrational yet persistent belief that we are masters of the consequences of our scientific and technological pursuits, then it’s worthwhile observing our track record at “Lording over Nature.”

While on the surface it may appear, one might argue, that 20th and 21st Century humankind has advanced in leaps and bounds in our ability to control and manipulate nature, the fact remains that humanity’s controlled impact is negligible.

Sure, there are anecdotal tales of people locked in a struggle for their very survival against nature; three of which are explored in John McPhee’s book, The Control of Nature. At the end of the day, the forces of this planet (and beyond) far out power, outclass and outweigh humanity’s power.  It’s no contest.

Image: The Control of Nature by John McPhee book cover

What this humanity must try and comprehend is that we are a part of the planet and of nature, much like any organ is a part of a larger organism; every organism is a part of a larger ecosystem.

If any of our cells begin to exhibit behaviour which attempts to usurp the authority of the body to regulate and maintain optimum stasis for itself, those cells are attacked by the immune system. We call such behaviour cancerous. If it’s a foreign body, we call it infection.

Truly, how else can humanity’s attempt to control the world via geo-engineering be seen as anything other than a cancer? This is not adaptation; evolution; or any other euphemism the scientific community—or those in power who fund their research—can muster up in defense of their actions.

Simply put, it’s an attempt to continue a different kind of insanity which infects the psyche of our ill-fated humanity: the irrational belief that we can keep on doing the same thing we’ve always done and get away with it.

Imagine the insanity of such beliefs being endorsed, promoted and facilitated by so-called objective, rational science? That somehow, although stars and planets themselves die, we can find a way to cheat death, manipulate and fundamentally alter our host planet (regardless of the consequences for other beings on it), and “keep the party going”…with our favourite game, money and power, intact.

In the Hindu tradition, Divine Mother Nature can manifest herself in one of three possible ways. One being Kali, Destroyer of Worlds.

Image: Kali, Goddess of Destruction 

It is time for those with power and money, the ones desperate to hold onto it (and grow it), to comprehend that myth or no myth, the reality embodied by the sacred symbology of Kali is all around us, and that there is no technology born of infinitesimally small intellect that can stop the singular, relentless destructive potential of nature, any more than technology can cheat death.

Why not? Because both death and destruction are essential to the very mechanism and success of life itself! The other “versions” of Mother Nature are birth and sacrifice (that is, giving rise to new life from the primordial womb of nature and sustaining said life by sacrificing the body of nature).

Notice how “wealth and power” are simply not part of the equation; neither will chemtrails and geo-engineering ever be. Try as they might, the power-mad and money-hungry cannot and will not succeed.

But not before they cause a good deal more problems for all of us. It’s just another reason why Genesis Eco Fund’s mandate of promoting indoor ecosystems is so important. We just can’t continue counting on the traditional environment “out there” to provide for us and support us, not when Mother Nature has madmen and their science insane geo-economic manipulations to contend with.

Watch the full film here:

Video: "Why in the World are They Spraying?" Documentary HD 

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