Tuesday, December 9, 2014

One Million Children in Meditation
Show us the Power of Ecosystems

Image by GenesisEcoFund: Flower of Life Blooms in Thailand: 1 Million Children Strong  
Credit: BBC Video  Source: http://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-21016612

“The first goal is to get 10,000 students practising Transcendental Meditation in the U.S. to create a wave of peace in America that will be a catalyst for peace in the world…”
~ David Lynch 

A few weeks ago we wrote a blog asking What can the Ferguson Riots teach us About Ourselves and the Flower of Life? And while this was all well and good, today we offer an expansion on the subject of the flower of life, morphogenetic fields, the impact of collective energy and consciousness on our well being. This time, from what we hope will be a more positive example.

According to organisers of the V-Star Change the World project, their most recent event—which brings together schoolchildren for a day of meditation—was attended by one million children. The event was held at Phra Dhammakaya Buddhist temple near Bangkok, Thailand.

As the following BBC report states, the event has not been met without some controversy in the past, with critics claiming it to be everything from a publicity stunt to a cult. Nonetheless, the Temple believes bringing children together to meditate on masse can indeed change the world.

Video Screenshot & Link: 'One million children' join Buddhist meditation event

So what does a million children have to do with ecosystems?

As we previously explored in the aforementioned post about Ferguson MO, we each have an electromagnetic field which, when it is compounded with that of others, creates a more intense energy field.

We asked the question, “How is it that one person’s negative energy can interfere with the electromagnetic field of hundreds of people?”  The answer was “the flower of life,” an ancient symbol describing the interaction of electromagnetic fields in 3-dimensional space and the resulting phenomena of the morphogenetic field and the bizarre and/or violent behaviour of individuals caught up in “crowd mentality.”

The following video excerpt from Thrive shows how this happens:

Video: How electromagnetic fields (torus) compound each other to create powerful morphogenetic fields, shown in “the flower of life.”

Just as negatively-charged morphogenetic fields have a negative effect on individuals, positively charged ones will have a positive, beneficial effect.  

And it’s not just people who generate these fields. All living things have an electromagnetic field, even the planet itself (which is the source of the aurora borealis). In fact, the planet’s field is partly made up of the field of every living thing living on it. This is where the claim a million meditating children can change the world comes from…it’s literally true that a million beings resonating in harmony will have a positive harmonic effect on the whole.

Now imagine being a part of that resonance field…a field of harmony, peace, joy, happiness, and love? Innocence, intensely expressed, compounded.

We cannot orchestrate such events on a regular basis in our life. But what we can do is create a similar space of love where we live, work and heal using a high order rainforest ecosystem.

Image: An ecosystem 

Like one million meditating children, an ecosystem has the benefit of numbers. Though not in the millions, ecosystems work in the range of billions of organism—yes, billions…we cannot discount the existence of bacteria and other microbes whose function is paramount to collective harmony and symbiosis of the superorganism.

Ecosystems resonate with one shared frequency of balance and harmony. And, even moreso than children, ecosystems are innocent. They have no ego to speak of. This naturally cleansing environment is why people are so drawn to escape big cities and the collective consciousness of chaos of modern living to seek refuge out in nature. We need to surround and immerse ourselves in the energy which only nature can provide: pure, balancing, refreshing…truly alive.

Truly, we all stand to benefit from getting the flower of life to bloom in our lives.

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