Tuesday, November 25, 2014

What can the Ferguson Riots teach us About Ourselves and the Flower of Life?

Image: Rioters surround a Saint Louis County Police cruiser as the city of Ferguson and the whole U.S. reacts to a grand jury’s decision not to indict Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of unarmed teenager Michael Brown.
“Folk caught up in a riot aren't our cousins and sisters, our brothers and uncles. They are part of a big animal with many arms and claws, armed with stones and sticks.”
~ Tamora Pierce, Terrier
Yesterday’s decision by the grand jury not to indict Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson in death of unarmed teenager Michael Brown set of a firestorm of controversy and protest across the United States. In Ferguson itself, the anger and outrage intensified and the usual angry mob mentality was set loose on the town.

Riots, looting, burning police cars and businesses. It’s all over the news and the Internet. As is the outrage over the decision, discussions of racism and inequality, violence and acceptable use of force, law enforcement the reasonable expectations placed on officers facing possible harm, etc.

Genesis Eco Fund is not here to debate any of those issues. We leave that to the masses and the pundits. What we are here to do is extract practical knowledge that everyone can use—knowledge about ourselves, each other, how we interrelate on a fundamental level, and how our awareness of those foundational interrelationships can lead to strategies for living a more balanced, harmonious life.

In the Eye of the Storm

We all know what it’s like to “get caught up in” the moment. Be it at a rock concert, a party, a family gathering, or any group dynamic, we’ve felt ourselves “sucked into” as state of elation, excitement, laughter, anger (or even rage), fear, sadness or any number of emotional states.

If our emotional state resulted in us behaving in a certain way which we later regretted, we might even have chalked is up as “in the heat of the moment,” or “a victim of mob mentality.” But what was really going on with us? Truly, we were caught in a maelstrom of energy.   

Image: In the eye of the storm: Electromagnetic Field Vortex 

Recent research has shown the energy field of the heart, our emotional centre, to be 100,000 times stronger electrically and 5,000 times stronger magnetically than that of the brain, or intellectual centre.

Physics demonstrates that a change in our electromagnetic field causes transformation at the atomic level. Our electromagnetic field reflects our emotional state; and, the state of others’ electromagnetic fields can affect our electromagnetic field…affect our state.

Video: Heart’s Intuitive Intelligence and how electromagnetic fields generated by the heart (emotional energy fields) interact.

If we observe ourselves during moments of emotional confrontation with another, we can actually feel ourselves affected, influenced by their state, as shown in the above excellent video by the Institute of HeartMath. The more sensitive we are, the more likely it is we will be affected.

Quite simply, we are experiencing interference patterns from a “negatively charged” electromagnetic field. The flow of energy is of a certain frequency reflecting the emotional state of one individual interferes with the frequency of another and thus emotional state of another. Pretty simple, really, and something anyone can observe and experience directly, consciously, if they pay attention.

Image: Interface between electromagnetic fields. 

But this still doesn’t explain mob mentality. After all, are we not still all individuals? How is it that one person’s negative energy can interfere with the electromagnetic field of hundreds of people? The answer is simple, and something known to humans thousands of years ago, expressed in the symbol of the flower of life.

Video: How electromagnetic fields (torus) compound each other to create powerful morphogenetic fields, shown in “the flower of life.” 

In the above video taken from the documentary film Thrive, we see how torus, the shape of our electromagnetic field, compound one another in 3-dimensional space to produce a larger morphogenetic field magnitudes larger and more powerful than the electromagnetic field of any individual. Any new individual entering the larger field is affected by the state of the field, which in turn reflects the state of all individuals within it. The cascading effect from one individual to another compounds and the whole larger field begins to exert a tremendous power over the individuals caught within it.

This is why, for instance, completely law-abiding citizens can find themselves committing crimes in a mob they would never have done as an individual. The overarching electromagnetic field has them; their individual emotional state is being defined by the morphogenetic field.

This is how the planet’s electromagnetic field is partly created. All things which have an electromagnetic field are part of the megaorgansim of the planet. Its various ecosystems being superorganisms, themselves having morphogenetic fields made up of electromagnetic fields of individual organisms.

Image: Electromagnetic field of the planet 

The Good News from Ferguson

What’s true for riots fed by anger, frustration, hear, rage and other negative emotions, is equally true for peace, love, compassion, empathy, harmony and other positive emotions.

What’s more, anyone who has spent any time in nature knows this is the case. When we immerse ourselves in the morphogenetic field of a beautiful natural environment, we feel, immediately, the calming, soothing, peaceful, harmonious, loving state of that natural environment.

The power of nature to heal us emotionally and physically is related directly to this energetic influence over our electromagnetic field. Our field may be charged negatively, according to our state, but an ecosystem functions on collective harmony and symbiosis. Nature is love.

And so, indoor ecosystems, like those produced by PeapodLife, create spaces of love.

Image: An ecosystem 

Ecosystems are never negatively charged, unless they are dying.  But ecosystems are designed for sustainability, adaptability and longevity. It takes a shift in the larger electromagnetic field of the planet for an ecosystem to die—the ravages of human stupidity notwithstanding.

Regardless, one can see how beneficial it would be to have such an overarching positively charged morphogenetic field in one’s life—home, workplace, school, healing centre, etc.

Imagine what it would be like to be able to feel the same way you do when you go up north, camping, skiing, or to a tropical paradise…without having to go anywhere? Imagine the benefits to humanity if they began living in Advanced Human Habitat—advanced habitat for humans; habitat for advanced humans.

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